E-commerce iFrame

E-commerce iFrame is useful for e-commerce website - the website displays the iFrame as part of the checkout page to enable customer to pay with multiple payment methods.

This iFrame enables fast integration to any website with minimal coding and enables you to get SensePass updates and new features seamlessly.

Flows supported

  1. Capture, Authorization and Tokenization payment types

  2. Products summary

  3. Receipt

  4. Invoice

  5. Manual Capture

  6. JS post message events, see our docs here

  7. Callback events, see our docs here

  8. Socket.IO events, see our docs here

Supported Payment Methods

All SensePass payment methods, see here the full list


  1. From the create trasnaction API - get the value of transactionPage.consumerPage

Regular display

transactionPage.consumerPage.regular for full size view

Medium display


Medium view without the QR

Small display


Smaller view without the QR and without the header

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