JavaScript UI SDK

SensePass Front-end SDK allows front-end websites to control SensePass's wide variety of a payment methods through a simple UI (iFrame).

Supported Payment Methods

  1. Credit Cards

  2. Apple Pay - No integration and authentication is required with Apple

  3. Google Pay - No integration and authentication is required with Google

  4. PayPal

  5. Venmo

  6. ACH

SensePass SDK enables you fast integration with all the payment methods listed above without having to whitelist your domain for Apple and Google


  1. Add the SensePass's javascript SDK to your website's scripts (Front-end SDK).

  2. Follow the SDK Methods instructions to initiate the SensePass client with your clientId

  3. Listen to SDK events on the front-end

  4. Call on form submission on the front-end

  5. On successful callback from the SDK - get the transactionNumber

  6. Call from your backend to the API /transactions/:transactionNumber/commit with the transactionNumber to capture the payment, see Commit Transaction for further details


  1. The frontend uses client ID that does not have permissions to payment except for initalizing the SDK

  2. The backend uses device ID / Merchant API Key / Branch API key for calling the commit API


See the API Page

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