Custom SDK Style

style selected elements & general themes

Customizing is possible only in the initial step of the configuration of SensePass's SDK client. If unfimiliar with the configuration step, refer to the Config step.

Customizable themes

When configuring the SDK, you may set the following code as the configuration object:

const spClient = SensePassFrontEndSDK.config({
   mode: "sandbox", // "sandbox" | "production"
   debug: true, // optional for logs
   visualizer: true, // optional visual logs, requires HTML with id="sensepass-front-end-visualizer"
   clientId: 'aee8d2cdc1cb...', // a SensePass's "clientId"
   methodType: "manual_capture", // type for the transaction, defaults to "manual_capture", enum: "manual_capture" | "tokenize"
   theme: { // optional theme for various packages
	/** angular material provides extensive documentation on customizing their theme
	* you can find it at: */
	material: "", // sample for a customized material theme
	sensepassEcommerce: "", // sample for a customized sensepass theme
	paymentMethodGrid: "horizontal", // horizontal | vertical style of the payment options
	config: {} // a configuration object for specific payment methods text/animations

Download and edit the following themes you wish to style on your own:

  1. Save your themes in a hosting site of your choosing and set their URL in the config JSON.

  2. Use the SDK Theme Config Model to set you custom text and other UI configurations.

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