Getting Started

  1. Ensure your system meets the mentioned requirements

  2. Login to SensePass Partners

  3. Navigate to "Developers" -> "Terminal Agent"

  1. Download the latest version of Terminal Agent software using the download link on the partners page

  2. Click on the green button "Download config file"


  1. Double click on the EXE file in your downloads folder and start the installation process

  2. Click on "I agree" and click "Install"

  1. Setup will complete with this message:

  1. Move the config.json file from #5 to this location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\SensePass Ltd\Terminal Agent

  1. Open the Services app (Run -> services.msc)

  2. Look for "SensePass-Agent-V2", right click -> Restart


Please continue to the pairing page

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